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Dry, clean and healthy. This is effect of GONE DRY nanotechnology.
Isokor is a superhydrophobic coating that will repel
water based and some oil based liquids.

Are you still using sealer for your driveway, roof, walls, tiles, bathrooms, floors or countertops?
Sealers really seal pores in the surface and prevent permeability of material – the state of a material that allows gases to pass through it.
Regular sealers will last one to two years, if you are lucky. Ones the drop of water gets under the sealer it will start the growth of mold, becomes milky and starts to peel. The only solution you have is to remove the old sealer, which for best results requires sand blasting or if you want to save money, you will remove sealer chemically, apply sealer again therefore wasting your time and money. It is endless circle.
Let us explain the difference between our nano-coating and sealer simpler way.
Imagine, that you are seating outside and enjoying beautiful afternoon. Suddenly the mosquito attack begins. How would you protect your head? You can use garbage bag or mosquito head net. Garbage bag will definitely protect you 100%, but you will not be able to see or breathe. On other hand, you will get the same protection with head net, and yes, you can see and breathe comfortably.
This is the main advantage of ISOKOR nano-coating, not mentioning it will last longer, and you will never have to remove it.
GONE DRY made by ISOKOR LLC is a revolutionary hydrophobic (water and liquids repelling) nano coating with long lasting protection of any surface.
GONE DRY extends the life of the treated material, retains the appearance and reduces maintenance costs.
Strong water repellent “lotus effect” ensures effective self-cleaning ability. Treated surface remains dry, clean, and free from mold and moss. The nanoparticles bind evenly with the treated material covering its surface and forming netlike structure resistant not only to the weather, aggressive environment, dirt, road salt and bacteria, but also to acids, alkalis and solvents.
The treated material will not lose its original permeability because GONE DRY will allow penetration of water vapor and gases. Treated surface is completely nontoxic.
You can achieve lifetime surface protection by unique combination of ISOKOR PROFI and ISOKOR REVIVER
Treatment with GONE DRY has significant effect on the economy, but more important it has very positive impact on ecology.

Treated surface is safe for humans and pets and may come into contact with food. For example fabrics protected by ISOKOR are absolutely harmless and can be applied to baby clothing.



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